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Glycolic Peel

Love how rested and refreshed you look—others will, too. Getting your “glow” back may be easier than you think. Over time skin can get, well, dull. And sometimes it needs a little inspiration. A glycolic peel is designed to do just that: providing you with a fresh face, and a fresh perspective.

How Does It Work?

Glycolic peels use alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) to eliminate the dull outer layer of your facial skin and reveal the glowing, youthful layer underneath. After multiple treatments, your skin texture will improve, and you’ll notice fewer wrinkles and blemishes. Relatively mild, the glycolic peel protocol may be the ideal solution for clients who want smoother, brighter-looking skin with minimal commitment and downtime.

What Can I Expect?

There are many brands of chemical peels, most of which have been tried and tested by our medical professionals. At American Laser Skincare, we use VIVITÉ® exclusively, which contains 70% glycolic compound bound with antioxidants—and, in our opinion, is the best on the market. Find out if a VIVITÉ® Glycolic Peel is right for you and how it may enhance other services you may already be receiving.