Laser Lipolysis

Turkey gobler lipo

Unwanted fat deposits now can be removed with this revolutionary procedure called laser lipolysis. Laser Lipolysis is a minimally invasive no downtime procedure that is done without general anesthesia right in the office. Unlike  liposuction, SmartLipo by Cynosure uses the gentle energy of laser to slowly melt the fatty area that you have tried so hard to remove with excerise. Turkey necks disappear. Love handles become a thing of the past. The amazing science of laser lipolysis is that it does not require general anesthesia which makes it more economical and with less risk. The results are immediate and continue to improve for six months.

Laser lipolysis begins by having a very dilute solution of saline and local anesthetic gently in infused in the fatty area to be melted and removed. This process is painless. Once the liquid diffuses on the problem fat, the laser fiber of the Smartlipo is placed into the numbed fatty area and the laser melts the fat. At this point the thin suction is placed into the small opening that was about the size of a ear piercing and the liquid fat is gently aspirated. The final skin tightening involves simply putting the fiber back into the area and heating the under skin. This serves the purpose of coagulating and stimulating the dermis to become more plump.

Downtime with Smartlipo is minimal. A pressure garment is worn at the treatment area for as little as 3 days for necks or more for larger areas. Surprisingly, this procedure is comfortable. The results are immediate and turn your clock back several years to the day when you did not have the extra inch to pinch. This procedure lasts because the fat is removed. Removed fat does not grow back.

Consultation is complimentary  for laser lipolysis at American Laser Skincare. Your physician will throughly review your health history and decide if Smarltipo is right for you.