Medical Weight Management

HCG weight loss

Have you tried diet after diet and are tired of yo-yo ing your weight? Calorie counting and excessive exercise gets old. Did you ever wonder if you will ever feel good about the thought of dieting again? Let Medical Weight Management with HCG help you achieve your goal weight and keep it off!
HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. This is the hormone of pregnancy that is secreted by the mother's placenta. One of the functions of HCG is to help sustain the fetus in the event that the mother does not eat enough. In prehistoric times this may have been during a famine. HCG would in this case release stored fat from the mother into her bloodstream. This outpouring of stored fat provided a power supply of emergency calories which was essential for survival.

The mechanism of action of HCG somehow spares good fat and utilizes bad fat for energy. The true HCG diet was discovered by Dr. Simeon who put all these facts together and found if certain calories were restricted and a very low dose of HCG was administered by injection, people lost bad fat such as belly fat, love handles, arm fat, neck fat and visceral fat but maintained the good fat (breasts, fat which supports your skin, and  blood vessels). At the same time this calorie restriction in combination with daily HCG injection essentially releases the fat for extra calories. People on the HCG weight management program lose anywhere from 0.5-1 pound a day! Amazingly you do not feel hungry and you have enough energy all because of the right combination of protein and veggies along with the daily dose of HcG.

In our program you will be provided with all the tools for success. Call today to see if HCG medical weight management is right for you.