Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction for men and womenUnwanted hair is one of the biggest reasons people seek cosmetic laser skincare centers. Waxing and shaving becomes cumbersome on a daily basis. There are certain problems that are specific to certain types of hair especially for many people with darker skin types. A condition called pseuofolliculitis barbi is a condition which occurs when facial hair that is thick and curly is shaved. As the hair shaft grows back, it can create micro injury to the hair follicles creating painful elevated  areas on the skin also known as beard bumps. Skin of color subjected to this repeated trauma can have additional problems of skin discoloration called hyperpigmentation. Simply reducing the hair growth with high quality lasers or other medical energy devices can significantly reduce this problem.

All laser hair reduction devices are not the same. Certain wavelengths or light treatments such as IPL may be too aggressive for darker skin types. This is why it is so important to consult with a trained professional before treatment is initiated. Once the proper treatment is discussed, depending on your skin type, you will be amazed to see your unwanted hair become drastically reduced.

Beware of anybody that promises total hair removal. Hair on different areas of the body are more easily reduced but never removed permanently.  Underarm hair responds quicker to laser hair reduction than other areas of the body that other areas. This is directly  related to the hair growth cycle.  No two hair zones are the same. When discussing your treatment with your skin care professional you will find that your treatment schedules may vary between four to six weeks apart. The hair is only affected by the light energy while it is in its growth phase. That is why it is important to be serious about returning for your regularly scheduled appointment to get the best results. By waiting too long between treatments you will risk not getting all the growth phase hairs and it will ultimately take longer to achieve your desired result. At your consultation, your skin care professional at American Laser Skincare will  discuss your treatment plan  and make sure you understand  all aspects for optimal results. There are  many  factors besides the treatment that lead to the best results. Share with your skin care professional  if you plan on traveling  to a sunny climate  in the  near future  because  sun exposure too close to a treatment can be an issue. Medicine you may be taking and any medical conditions  you have may effect your laser hair reduction treatment. Call today to see if laser hair reduction is right for you!