It’s time to revitalize your face. Recommended skincare products can be enhanced by American Laser Skincare’s FotoFacial® treatments which use the most advanced light therapy techniques to revitalize your skin to accentuate your inner beauty.

 If you’re not interested in more invasive treatments, FotoFacial® treatments physically improve the texture of your skin. Whether you want to reduce feathery lines around the eyes and mouth, lighten hyper pigmentation or improve rosacea, light therapy has helped thousands of our clients feel happier and more confident in their own skin.

How Does It Work?

Fotofacial or IPL treatments utilize the leading advances in laser technology to improve the skin. Intense Pulse Light penetrates below the skin’s surface to stimulate production of your collagan, fade small blochy red cheeks, and lift age spots or unwanted freckles.

What To Expect

The 30-minute procedure is quick and noninvasive, with zero downtime (although the skin may be a bit pink for a few hours post treatment). You can expect to see a gradual decrease in overall redness, flushing, and dilated capillaries. Other benefits include smoother skin with a decrease in fine wrinkles, reduction in pore size and fading of sun spots.