Chemical Peels

Chemical peel

Do you ever wish your skin looked a bit brighter, felt a tad smoother and had an upgrade in overall appearance? Do you seem to struggle to maintain a healthy appearance and keep buying skin care product after skin care product without any real understanding about what is right for your skin? A good skin care analysis from your skin care professional can spare you much grief, frustration and ultimately save you some money.  It is more important to invest in a skin care regimen that is customized for your skin and approved by your skin care expert  rather than trying to figure it out yourself.

Chemical peels can be an adjunct to your skin care rejuvenation package. The term chemical sounds harsh but actually there are many different products both naturally derived and scientifically purified for your skin care needs. The chemical peel has different compounds for different skin pathology. Patients suffering from acne are better treated with chemical peels containing certain products to loosen the black heads and white heads. Patients with unsightly hyperpigmentation or melasma  need a peel with certain lightening agents  to help lift the darker pigment making it more subdued. The chemical peel is performed by your master esthetician and repeated once a month for six treatments. Each time the skin is stimulated to become lively and healthy.

Depending on the depth and type of peel, you may actually exfoliate for a few days. Some peels are designed for sensitive skin and gently stimulate for a light rejuvenation.  The type and depth of the peel depends upon your skin condition. Acne for example has many white heads and black heads called comedones which are pore plugs consisting of oils and keratin. Comedones are loosened by the peel and the skin can essentially breathe again. Transformation is ongoing as the procedure is performed monthly. The chemical peel is a pleasant relaxing treatment. Often the esthetician will suggest a home care product that compliments the type of peel you are receiving. These products will enhance the effect you are aiming to achieve.

Preserving your new glow is a requirement and your  master esthetician will discuss the use of sunscreen and how you can prevent  the harmful solar rays from injuring your skin. Call today and schedule a complimentary skin care analysis. Let the skin care experts help you achieve your inner glow with  a series of chemical peels.