Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removalTattoos are a very popular art form. There are as many people with a tattoo as the number of people that have a cat for a household pet. Did you know that more than halve of the individuals that place a tattoo will want it removed? If you are tired of your tattoo, American Laser Skincare has the most reliable lasers in the industry. Tattoos have been known to eliminate you from job opportunities.  Your military recruiter will tell you, enrollment into the military has restrictions on  visible tattoos.

All laser tattoo removal devices are not the same. The tattoo is a foreign particle in the form of ink. The tattoo artist places the ink in the dermis or the under layer of skin. Because the ink has the ability to absorb light, it is important for the laser to be of high quality and calibrated. High quality lasers prevent thermal buildup in the ink. Such heating can cause blisters and burns on the skin and can lead to permanent injury especially for darker complexions. Lasers need calibration and if the maintenance is neglected, the laser can cause burns when removing the tattoo. Beware of the half price treatments advertised on internet specials. Often the devices used are old and ineffective.

At American Laser Skincare we take pride in top notch laser devices and have regular laser calibration to ensure patient safety and results. Our lasers also treat all skin types gently and effectively. Skin of color must be treated with the best tattoo removal  laser because the melanin can be injured resulting in hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation. Tattoo removal with a laser can be quite uncomfortable. Our  physicians and double boarded master esthetician/nurses are on staff to make sure we provide you with the treatment with maximum comfort possible. At American Laser Skincare we have lasers that treat all tattoo ink colors.

Tattoo removal with lasers can take several sessions. The treatment is usually spaced four weeks apart. Results are seen within the first three or four treatments.You can pay as you go, or finance a package. We are here to help you.

Call for a complimentary consultation and see how American Laser Skincare can help you plan the removal of your unwanted tattoo. As about our payment plans.