Microneedling for scars

We all want tight healthy skin. As we age our epidermis or top layer of skin suffers from exposure to the elements regardless of how well you may take care of your skin. Proper skin care is  only one aspect of overall skin health. The Epidermis is supported by the dermis which is the layer of skin that you can not see but it plays a vital role in how the epidermis looks. The dermis is the part of the skin that is rich in living cells that all have their own role in making you look your best. Cells such as fibroblasts hair follicles, and sebaceous cells live in the dermis.

The fibroblasts are cells that manufacture collagen and elastin. these two proteins give our skin a nice plump. As we age our fibroblasts begin to slow down in production of elastin and collagen. this leads to crapy sagging skin.  the problem with the wrinkles is that the dermis is not plump enough to make the skin look tight and healthy.

Microneedling wakes up the fibroblastic activity and ultimately by a series of cellular events stimulates collagen formation. In order to understand this you have to have a little knowledge of how the skin repairs itself. Paper cuts can be painful but after a few days it seems to miraculously heal. The actual injury recruits all  cells necessary to help repair the injured area . The final product is a healed wound. The procedure of creating tiny micro injuries in the skin with the micro needling process called collagen induction therapy. The skin does not know the difference between a paper cut and the needle injury. Recruiting the  healing cells to kick start the body’s own natural healing events transforms the once wrinkle laden skin to a softer plumper look.

Miro needling can give you that refreshing glow in either one treatment or several depending on  you personal needs.  Micro needling is safe for all skin types and can be done comfortably , quickly with minimal down time. Darker and olive complexions are especially responsive to this fabulous skin rejuvenating procedure. Your skin care professional will meet with you to help you design the perfect option for you.  Whether you want to take your already healthy appearing skin to the next level allowing your makeup flow smoothly and evenly or you have textural problem areas such as old acne scars and age spots, schedule your American Laser Skincare complimentary consultation today.