Ultherapy non invasive face lift

As we age we find areas of our face are not what they used to be. Jowls begin to appear and the forehead seems to sag. Looking at an old picture or an old drivers license with our picture tells all. Gone is the uplifting cheeks giving us that youthful appearance. Gone is the taught chin area and firm looking youthful profile. our cheeks tend to hang from our cheekbones rather than stand up to gravity.  Maybe you have friends that have undergone a face lift , brow lift or lower face lift. These procedures work well for many people especially if the skin laxity is extreme. For mild to moderate signs of facial aging there is now a new innovative technology called Ultherapy. Ultherapy is the use of focused ultrasound energy on the same layer of tissue (the SMAS layer) that the cosmetic surgeon targets in performing the traditional facelift and brow lift.

When the face lift or brow lift is performed it is an invasive procedure meaning the skin must be cut and stitched after the tissue is pulled tight.  With the Ultherapy procedure, the sound energy travels through the skin’s layers and is focused on the SMAS layer stimulating  collagen production. This new collagen production gradually lifts the area treated. Some patients experience the results immediately while the optimum results usually are experienced after a few months. This is a wonderful treatment for those that do not want others knowing  that any cosmetic procedures we're performed. Your skin care expert can visualize live on the screen the layers of your skin as focused ultrasound energy is delivered  under the skin. There is no down time with Ultherapy. There is no incision lines like a traditional facelift and is is surprisingly affordable. The procedure is performed in less than an our for certain areas and there is no visual signs that anything was done!

Ultherapy is FDA approved for  lifting in the brow, neck and decollate region eliminating costly invasive procedures. some patients have had a face lift or brow lift in the past. All lifting procedures are temporary due to the natural aging process. If you have had a brow lift, eyelid surgery or surgical facelift in the past and you are noticing laxity returning from the normal aging process, come in and see if Ultherapy is right for you as an alternative to a second surgical facelift procedure.