Plymouth, MI

Plymouth derives its name from historical ties to Plymouth, Massachusetts, the area from which some of the local settlers had come. In fact, Company C of the 24th Michigan Regiment, which fought so bravely and so tragically at Gettysburg, was formed from Plymouth farm boys, gathered at Kellogg Park. And, figuring most prominently in the history of the city, the Daisy Air Rifle Company began here in 1886 and earned for Plymouth the title of "Air Rifle Capital of the World." This metro Detroit gem draws in people with their yearly events like the Plymouth Ice Festival and Plymouth Art Fair. It's also home to Compuware Ice Arena and American Laser Skincare of Plymouth.

The original American Laser Skincare company has gone bankrupt and many of the original clinics you may have purchased services from may no longer exists. A third party has purchased the website and all Washington state locations. We are working to build up a listing of new clinics as an alternative. Please check back later to see if any clinics have been listed. See notice on homepage for more information.